Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Outting

So on Sunday i was conned errr i mean invited to hang out with two friends of mine visiting san diego for the day. Now my friend, for the purpose of this story we'll call him Adam is from san diego but his girlfriend is from the midwest and has never spent any time in san diego so naturally i insisted that we show her seaport village/downtown. Now although Adam has been witness several times to my paparattzi-esk behaviors his girlfriend had never hung out with me while I had my camera with me. Much less to say she got a little fed up with all the picture taking and at one point threatened me with bodily harm but these are the photos i got of them.

ok so this first one is SUPER cheesey but hey i had to get them to drop their guard so i could continue relentlessly snapping pictures of them so i figure this is their payment

These next two of are from an idea i've wanted to shoot for quite sometime but as i know a lack of couples this was my first oppertunity

Both pictures have been slightly manipulated in photoshop, my idea was to capture this classic americana feel of a couple out on town, i intentionally blasted out the detail in the store window because the "what" that they're looking at isn't of any importance it could be any store front window in any town. As far as the subject matter goes i didn't pose them at all they just approached the window to look in and i told them not to move which for the most part they did. I also love how they're both overly dressed for chilling 56 degree san diego weather, which again gives it that somewhat timeless feel this could be window shopping on the east coast for as far as anyone can tell.

For this last one i went against my general rule of thumb and used a fash, for those of you who don't/didn't know almost all of my photography is captured without use of any lighting what so ever i do enjoy the detail the flash creates by lighting the subject but i feel that it also robs the photo of all the tones and shadows cast by the human figure. Overall though I think this one came out pretty cool

ok so thats all for right now again I'm going to try to keep this photoblog a little more up to date so check back in a few weeks for new content.

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