Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Post

Hey guys I'm happy to report that i believe i have resolved the problem with getting the photos to fit so from here on out they should all be nicely sized and fit the screen, if that isn't the case maybe try enlarging you browser window.

Now for my actual post:

Today was a pretty mellow day i went over to my buddy mike's place to watch some movies and hang out this is what i captured

This first one i actually took the other day but haven't got around to posting it until now, i dont know why but when i look at it all i can think is "nothing escapes the wasteland" so lets title it Wasteland what say you? oh ya and there is no post production for this photo

Here's one of Graham doing a little over haul on a guitar i just love the lay out of the table in the shot again there's no photo editing

For this last one i did ramp up the color tone in it to give it what i believe is a stronger presence

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